An examination of alternative education

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Alternative education

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This paper discusses the history and the types of alternative education, who attends, and focuses on the three main themes: the learning environment, the education received, and the perception around the programs. Alternative education in North America, is relatively unknown despite the fact that it has been in practice for more than forty years.

Most people have very little idea of what an alternative school is or how it compares to a traditional learning environment. Alternative schools serve as a placement both for students who disrupt the mainstream classroom and for those who need academic remediation.

Such mixed placements may not provide a quality education for students having only academic problems. The oral examination is comprised of five simulated office orals (SOOs) each 15 minutes in length. SOOs. SOOs are designed to duplicate, insofar as possible, the actual "setting" in which the family physician conducts a practice.

In Focus. On Friday, the White House announced that Spanish will become the official alternate language of the United States of America. Home; Tests; Elementary Education K–6 Elementary Education K–6 () The Elementary Education K–6 test consists of four subtests covering content and content pedagogy in .

An examination of alternative education
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