Assignment on zakat

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How to Trade. The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is committed to providing investors various information resources and tools to facilitate. MANARAT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Topic: Contribution of Zakat to remove illiteracy and unemployment in Bangladesh. Submitted by: Hafiz Malik Ananta (Id No: BBA).

scientific development essay how to write a media analysis essay youtube abstract on research paper chief dan george essay help spare the rod spoil the child opinion essay how to write a body paragraph in a essay honesty is the best policy short essay about myself?. Zakat (Arabic: زكاة ‎ zakāh, "that which purifies", also Zakat al-mal [zaˈkaːt alˈmaːl] زكاة المال, "zakat on wealth", or Zakah) is a form of alms-giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation or tax, which, by Quranic ranking, is next after prayer in importance.

Nov 20,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Basically, Zakat, or Zakat al-Mal, means obligatory “alms” or “alms upon wealth”. Alms is a gift of money, clothes or food, it is equivalent to charity and is a type of donation. Moreover, Zakat is literally means “to be clear, to grow, to increase”.

Assignment on zakat
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