Hinduism buddhism in india

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Hinduism and Buddhism, an introduction

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The great Buddhist shrine of Bodh Gaya, the site of the Buddha’s enlightenment, became a Hindu temple and remained as such until recent times. At the end of its existence in India, Buddhism exhibited certain philosophical and cultural affinities with Hinduism. The Spread of Hinduism and Buddhism in Southeast Asia Essay Words | 6 Pages.

Hinduism is a very popular religion in India, being that it could possibly be the oldest religion of all time and originated in India, the Hindu population in India is 80%.

Decline of Buddhism in India

Hinduism is about understanding Brahma, existence, from within the Atman, which roughly means 'self' or 'soul,' whereas Buddhism is about finding the Anatman — 'not soul' or 'not self.' In Hinduism, attaining the highest life is a process of removing.

Buddhism and Hinduism are some of the most ancient religions in the world today. Incredibly, Hinduism has been able to maintain its culture for over 3, years, Buddhism for 2, Of course, there are many similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism, as they sprang from the culture and surroundings of India.

Hinduism is about understanding Brahma, existence, from within the Atman, which roughly means "self" or "soul," whereas Buddhism is about finding the Anatman — "not soul" or "not self." In Hinduism, attaining the highest life is a process of removing the bodily distractions from life, allowing one to eventually understand the Brahma nature.

the common religion of India, based upon the religion of the original Aryan settlers as expounded and evolved in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gits, etc. Buddhism a religion originated in India by Budda (Gautama) and later spreading to China, Burma, Japan, and parts of southeast Asia, holding that life is full of suffering.

Hinduism buddhism in india
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