How to be a real iskolar

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What it takes to be an Iskolar ng Bayan

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Therefore, if asked how I would like to be remembered, what I. 2nd batch SPES announcement Awarding of Top 30 Bataan Week Credit Advice General Assembly New Batch of Scholar New Iskolar SPES SPES top 30.

UPDATE: The UPCAT Results are NOW POSTED AND RELEASED today, April 30, ! Scroll below to access the complete and official UPCAT LIST OF PASSERS.

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Things of the past

Congratulations, mga bagong Iskolar ng Bayan! (April. Oct 14,  · A Story Made in Teresa.


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Is that how he would utilize that once in a lifetime opportunity of being a ‘iskolar ng bayan’? What are his assurances that reforms will be immediately implemented? It’s not bad to be an activist as long as you won’t let it ruin your.

The people who are benefiting from it are the retail and real estate conglomerates. what my state university had taught me and what the state had spend for my very cheap expenses in my education being “iskolar ng bayan” (as what we were being called.

How to be a real iskolar
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