One important decision in my life

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Describe an important decision

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Important Decision of My Life The hardest decision for me was to decide come to this country United States, to live with my dad and other relatives.

The 7 Most Important Decisions of Your Life

Just the fact that I will not have my mom next to me is a sentimental problem that I have. For one way sows to life, The other to evil basks.” 0 likes. Like “We can't blame our decision if something goes wrong in life.

Decision is made exactly as per the capacity and capability of the moment's consciousness” Ensuring that both things are true is especially important in the matter of either making or receiving a proposal. I dropped everything and bought a one-way ticket to Switzerland, and it was the best decision of my life.

I’m a successful businesswoman who is able to make some very high-powered decisions on the spot, but the one very important decision in my own life is the one I flounder with like a fish out of water.

May 06,  · The Most Important Decision Of Your Life What is the most important decision you'll make in your life? It's a great question, and I was recently asked it by a follower of Project Life Mastery and decided to put up a video blog with my answer.5/5(4).

One important decision in my life
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