Saint augustine how he fused classical

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St. Augustine's Confessions

Paul. In the nineteenth century Stöckl expressed the thought of all when he said, "Augustine has justly been called the greatest Doctor of the Catholic world." Schaff himself (Saint Augustine, Melanchthon and Neander, p. 98) is of the same opinion: "Teaching of St. Augustine of Hippo." The Catholic Encyclopedia.

Saint Augustine

Vol. 2. Once more he began to dream that he and his friends might lead a life dedicated to the search for it, a life purged of all vulgar aspirations after honours, wealth, or pleasure, and with celibacy for its rule (Confessions VI).

St. Augustine of Hippo () is "a philosophical and theological genius of the first order, dominating, like a pyramid, antiquity and the succeeding ages.

Saint Augustine: How he fused Classical culture (i.e., both Stoicism and Platonism) with Christianity In Augustine’s day there were many religions available to choose from some of which had many gods. St. Augustine was born to a pagan father and a Christian mother.

Saint Augustine: How he fused Classical culture (i.e., both Stoicism and Platonism) with Christianity In Augustine’s day there were many religions available to choose from some of which had many gods. St.

Augustine was born .

Saint augustine how he fused classical
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CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Teaching of St. Augustine of Hippo